Mirador [mir-uh-dohr]

noun-A window or high place designed to look around

Look from above

· Rooftop

· Groundmount

· Off-grid

· Grid-Tied

· Battery Backup

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Mirador Energy offers solar installation and other home improvement services in Solano County and surrounding areas. Mirador Energy works side by side with each client to provide the highest quality of work with commitment to reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Mirador Energy: The Best Local Energy Storage Specialist in CA

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It’s time to invest in renewable energy; residential, commercial or agricultural!

Serving the needs of Solano County and surrounding areas

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Mirador Energy

Mirador Energy is a locally owned and operated solar energy contractor serving Vacaville, CA and the surrounding areas. We are your solar, wind and energy storage specialists. Our services include solar panel installation and all other solar contracting project related services. Your decision to go solar not only protects the planet but significantly offsets the cost of utilities. Call today for your estimate!


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CSLB #: 1038606

Mirador Energy